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Body Special Set-Mild


Just like how we would take care of our face, it is extremely important that we took care of our body as well. Cosmetic brands these days are very innovative and creative and bring out washes, scrubs, lotions and gels for the body. They come in various scents and sizes. The PERFUME DE NATURE BODY SPECIAL SET-MILD is a very special body care set that is a perfect gift. It contains a bottle of ..

Cherry Blossom Body Wash


BRAND: MIZONQUANTITY: 200 MLTYPE: BODY WASHSUITABLE FOR: ANY SKIN TYPESEnvelop your skin with this unique Cheery Blossom Body Wash!Mild, gentle formula nourishes deep into the surface layers of the skin, help your skin retain its natural moisture, leaving you with smoother skin. This Body wash delivers natural nutrients to your skin and gives you softer skin even after a few days of use.With ..

Deep Moisture Sleeping Pack


The Nature Republic brand Super Aqua Max Deep Moisture Sleeping Pack keeps the skin hydrated and vitalized. The white colored sleeping pack is ionized by nature and features Kona deep sea water that comprises magnesium, trace minerals, calcium, 33 ocean extracts and sea plant nutrients. It is void of pollutants and heavy metals found in land and shallow water-based ingredients. The non-sticky wate..

Ginseng Feminine Wash


The The Face Shop brand Myeonghan Miindo Heaven Grade Ginseng Feminine Wash comprises Jamu extract to cleanse the bacteria off completely from sensitive areas. The feminine wash removes unpleasant odors from the skin and leaves it feeling purified and comfortable. It is free of synthetic preservatives and artificial colors. The ginseng face wash is dermatologically safe for intimate areas. To use ..

Green Tea Cleansing Cream


Green tea extract give silky Clear cleansing.Natural extract removes all kinds of imppurities thoroughly.Maintains healthy and moisturized skin after cleansing.How to use :Apply right amount onto face,massage gently, wipe out with tissue and foam wash.Ingredient:Ingredients of green tea, rice and green tea...

Green Tea Foam Cleanser


BRAND: MIZONQUANTITY: 120 MLTYPE: FOAM CLEANSERSUITABLE FOR: NORMAL TO OILY SKIN TYPESThe fresh and light foam cleanser contains freshly squeezed green tea!!Infused with the power of antioxidant green tea, this foam cleanser cleanses and purifies the skin. Catechin ingredient contained in Green tea helps sebum and pore control for Oily & Combination skin type. This cleanser removes dirt, inclu..

Intense Recovery Hair Mask


The The Face Shop brand Intense Recovery Hair Mask contains argan oil that provides nourishment and moisture to extensively damaged hair. The hair mask keeps the hair shiny, soft, replenished, silky and healthy. For best results, the mask must be after shampooing the hair. Towel dry your hair and apply thoroughly on the hair. Let it stay on the hair for at least five minutes and rinse the hair wel..

Maccola Lotion


Pamper your skin with this rich Maccola Lotion from the Nature Republic. It is a perfect lotion for the fine aging skin with its anti-aging properties.Rice wine extract, collagen, Aspergillus, rice fermentation extract, niacinamide formulation, and 17 kinds of plant components have been combined to make this milky lotion. The rice wine extract removes the free radicals from the skin and boosts the..

Maccola Soap


Using of soap on a very regular basis straight onto your skin could be harmful to the skin’s texture. This is because most of the time cosmetic companies that produce soaps do not use natural ingredients that are safe for the skin. But the popular brand Nature Republic ensures that its products are always one of a kind and the best. The MACCOLA SOAP (100g) is a mild daily bath soap that helps..

Magic Peeling Foot


BRAND: MIZONQUANTITY: 40 MLTYPE: FOOT MASKSUITABLE FOR: ANY SKIN TYPESShow off your feet with pride!!This extra special foot mask from ‘MIZON’ can remove the thick hard layers on the feet to turn the foot skin soft, delicate, and relieves fatigue. This will help shed the callous of the feet and fix the cracks that happen to the soles due to dryness. It also moisturizes the foot skin, reduces fine ..

Perfume Mist Baby Powder


BRAND: MIZONQUANTITY: 70 mlTYPE: BABY POWDERINGREDIENTS: WATER, FRAGRANCE OIL etc. SUITABLE FOR: ANY SKIN TYPESPamper your baby with this adorable baby powder from ‘MIZON’.This light textured cream contains high moisture, high nutrition that cares for baby skin, keeping them soft and silky. Delicate cherry blossom fragrance offers a romantic scent that lasts all day long. It has no powdery re..

Perfume Mist Citrus


BRAND: MIZONQUANTITY: 70 mlTYPE: PERFUMESUITABLE FOR: ANY SKIN TYPESEvoke your senses with the alluring fragrance of ‘All Day Feel So Good Perfume Mist Citrus'.A perfect choice for those who prefer natural smells, it comes with a base of natural ingredients. It gifts you an irresistible yet soothing, sweet smell that sets you apart from the crowd. The pleasant scent will give you a special sense o..

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