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Daily Pore Deep Cleansing Brush


The The Face Shop brand Daily Pore Deep Cleansing Brush has 85,000 delicate bristles arranged in a circular pattern to clean the pores of your skin. The cream colored bristles ensure a soothing feel on the skin. The brush can be used to apply your cleanser. Form a lot of bubbles with the cleanser using the brush. Rub the bubbles gently on your face and rinse after a few minutes. The bristles of th..

Enamel Coating Tint - Pink Enamel


TFS Enamel Coating Tint 02 Pink Enamel is a lip color that provides moisture and protection to the lips. This lip tint from The Face Shop has been formulated with organic ingredients and is absolutely gentle on the skin.The multi-complex layer technology provides a deep color and lovely shine on applying. Macadamia nut oil, Rosehip oil, and Jojoba oil are the key ingredients of this lip tint. Thes..

Eye Liner – Brown


To give goodbye to flaws and get a cat look, the eyeliner is very essential. Eyeliner has become the essential part of women's lives, that why Mizon has brought Agatha trash been eyeliner to get an outstanding eye. The highlight of this product is it is light, having a good color payoff, it provides full coverage, long-lasting and contains natural antioxidants. The product is having a self-sharpen..

Eye Shadow Duo – Tarte


BRAND: MIZON    QUANTITY: 4.5 GM + 4.5 GMTYPE: EYE SHADOWCOLOR:TARTE SUITABLE FOR: ANY SKIN TYPESLong wearing and intensely pigmented eyeshadow collection from MIZON!It’s shimmery, translucent and lustrous makeup, with a reflective shimmer finish. This super soft highlighter goes from subtle to blinding with a few extra strokes. The consistency of the shadow is quite appealing ..

Eye Shadow Duo – Tiramisu


BRAND: MIZONQUANTITY: 4.5 GM + 4.5 GMTYPE: EYE SHADOWSUITABLE FOR: ANY SKIN TYPESA beautifully blended eyeshadow with perfectly paired colors!!This is a different and a nice duo as they are neutral colors and have good pigmentation. The consistency of the shadow is quite appealing too.The cool tone is what makes is unique as they give your eyes a stunning makeover. It is strong against sweat, sebu..

Foundation Brush


Foundations are the best way to cover up all the wrinkles and fine lines that appear as you age. Foundations come in the form of liquid and powder. Both of which are equally effective and very effective.The Dbt.Foundation Brush from The Faceshop is a foundation brush that helps to blend the foundation into the skin finely. The bristles of the foundation brush are so soft that they just brush throu..

Intense Lip Color - Shine Pink


Mizon Intense Lip Color # 414 Shine Pink [7.5g]. The glossy Shine Pink color is created using vivid coloring effect with fine colouring particles and having regular sizes, presenting vivid and glossy color with adequate moisture, for today’s trendy young beauties, thoroughly covering your lips with a single touch. The in-built unique finger tip-like applier developed with the tips from make-up art..

Lip Color - Lady Beige


BRAND: MIZONTYPE: LIP COLORCOLOR: LADY BEIGEQUANTITY: 3 GM SUITABLE FOR: ANY SKIN TYPESAchieve your preferred look, and enhance your appearance!!You will instantly feel more beautiful in this Lady Beige Lip Color. This lip color combines the long-lasting look of a modern matte lip with incredible quality. It contains some form of moisturizing additive, which gives extra hydration to your lips..

Lip Color - Purple Bean


BRAND: MIZONTYPE: LIP COLORCOLOR: PURPLE BEANQUANTITY: 3 GM SUITABLE FOR: ANY SKIN TYPESMake yourself high on style!!Try this quirky lip color which is sure to impart a trendy look. It is a luminous shade that stays long without changing or fading. Its special formula smooths the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It has a super hydrating formula and it is heat resistant and easy to apply..

Lip Color - True Mandarine


BRAND: MIZONTYPE: LIP COLORCOLOR: TRUE MANDARINEQUANTITY: 3 GM SUITABLE FOR: ANY SKIN TYPESFor those who want classically beautiful matte look on the lips!!This lip color combines the long-lasting look of a modern matte lip with incredible quality. Infused with advanced skin care ingredients, the formula smooths the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It has a super hydrating formula and i..

Lip Crayon - So Hot Orange


BRAND: MIZONTYPE: LIP COLORINGREDIENTS: CAPRYLIC/CAPRIC TRIGLYCERIDE, OCTYLDODECANOL, DISOSTEARYL MALATE, POLYGLYCERYL-2 TRISOSTEARATE, CERESIN, MICROCRYSTALLINE WAX, DIPENTAERYTHRITAYL ETC.SUITABLE FOR: ANY SKIN TYPESLet this refreshing hot color adorn your sexy lips!!This saturated and perfectly pigmented crayon gives you the coverage of a matte lipstick.  Infused with advanced skin care in..

Lip Stick - Garden Pink


Color your lips with correct combo lipstick # 402 garden pink from the famous brand Mizon our shockingly smooth lip color that gives you right on and stay in place with a matte finish that never fades off. Correct combo lipstick comes in the garden pink shade, so dress your lips with a delicate shade of pink, this is tailored for every woman this shade creates perfectly sheer velvet finish. Featur..

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