Returns & Refunds

The section 'Returns & Refunds' explains the norms in case one wishes to return back the received items and/or claim to get a refund. Please read carefully to understand the regulations entirely.

We cannot accept your product returns if you change your mind after receiving it and there is absolutely no fault present. In case you do not get your parcel within a limited range you must contact us for further assistance. Though we always share tracking Id so as to update its whereabouts, there is negligible chance that it might get lost. We will cross-check the postal address you mentioned and find out if it is correct. If there is any incompleteness or incorrectness it is obvious that the item was not received and you would require to buy afresh. Moreover, you also ought to contact us soon and make no significant delays. Else your claims would not hold any validity.

We ONLY accept the returns if the items you got are leaked/broken, OR incorrect in count, size/quantity, or type, i.e. you bought something else and received something else instead. Note that this is least likely happening, yet we need to mention the point even if that is of slightest possibility.

The package that you plan to return should be in the exact condition as you received it. Moreover, it is your duty to choose the relevant shipment whose fees won't be compensated by us. In other words, if our investigation turns out to be right we will refund only the original cost price of the product at the time of buying it, and not the extra shipping and handling charges. Your payment would be returned back in full if you mentioned your delivery address correctly and still receives nothing at your end, and there is no 'returning back' from your side.

We also accept the cancellation once but it should be swift enough to not initiate the dispatch in the first place. If the transmission has already taken place your cancellation request would be refused. Also, if you have already cancelled something and buy another product you cannot cancel that one more time. That is unacceptable at any cost.

Kindly contact us for further queries or assistance.