Shipping Terms

This section throws light on the types of shipments we consider for delivering goods and some circumstances that likely arise.

There are two types of shipments that we consider for transmission of the merchandise – Regular (default) shipping and Express shipping. The Regular shipping requires 5 to 7 days to reach the receiver's doorsteps. The Express shipping is comparatively quicker and just takes 2 to 3 days for the delivery, provided that it should be explicitly marked. Moreover, the cost varies in both the cases with Express being costlier than its Regular counterpart. The charges are added along with the product's cost price at the time of checkout.

We process all the orders on business days, and so, the orders placed on public holidays and weekends would be carried the next working day.

Please be there at the delivery address you gave to us to collect your order or ensure someone else is there. This would prevent the troubles that might arise as a result of the absence and you may need to personally visit the post office whose details would be shared on request.

The shipping fee you paid while placing an order encloses the transfer of the package from our warehouse to your country or state. Kindly do not assume that you do not have to pay anything while you get your products as your country's local post office may probably charge you fees as per existing norms like import duties, taxes, service charges, etc. The personnel might refuse to give you the parcel if you deny paying them their fees. Any conflicts arising as a result of that would be solely upon you.

We request you to check your country's regulations in advance before making an actual purchase as it can be possible that our products may not be allowed for import. This will prevent you from spending money and the time would not be consumed.

The unwelcome events may occur anytime at any place. By mentioning this we imply that occurrences like natural disasters and uncontrollable political affairs across the borders would hamper our regular functioning. Although we are never sure about these yet issues like an earthquake, floods, tsunami, civil wars, riots, curfews are possible at any part of the globe and our services would get affected. Depending on the severity of the case, your order would be immediately cancelled and a full refund would be processed.

Kindly feel free to resolve more queries or concerns.