Frequent Questions

1. Are these products safe for use?

A. Our products are safe for personal use as these are all dermatologically tested by experts. Moreover, we also maintain transparency by listing the complete ingredients used in their making. If someone is intolerant towards any content he or she may look for any other product which does not contain that specific ingredient.

2. What are the security measures for safeguarding my personal information?

A. We follow no sharing policy when it comes to safeguarding our users' private details. Moreover, we also encrypt their Credit card information once they provide it to us. This is how we make sure that the measures we take are optimum and lasting. We have covered more on this in our Privacy Policy.

3. What is the provision for claiming refunds in case of receiving damaged or wrong products or no product at all?

A. You should contact us first and foremost if any issue arises. Our customer care checks for its validity and acts in accordance with the investigation. The refund is sure to happen if the genuineness is being proven. For more details, kindly refer our Returns & Refunds.

4. Can I ship to other locations at a single time?

A. You can ship to many locations but that cannot be achieved at a single time as we don't have multiple shipping facilities. You can do that by editing the address section every time you buy.

5. Am I allowed to trace my order?

A. Yes, we provide the tracking URL just after the product is transmitted from our warehouse store by the shipment. Tracing can be done throughout till it reaches your doorsteps.

6. Are there any physical retail stores situated nearby my locality?

A. No, we don't have any physical retail store at this point. We will address our users via email if we have any plans regarding that in the future.

7. Are order cancellations permitted?

A. We permit cancelling the order, provided that the buyer ought to be prompt in informing us so that it prevents the dispatch. In other words, we will not entertain your request for cancellation if your purchased order has already been transmitted. Once the order is made, it takes around 24 hours for us to send at your location. You can learn more about this in Returns & Refunds.