Privacy Policy

This section acknowledges the users how their data is collected and how we ensure them the privacy they deserve. Kindly read the following paragraphs so as to know everything in detail.

We collect some of your information such as name, delivery address, email, phone number, etc. that are filled during account generation or while purchasing. Your Credit card details are only asked at the time of payment. We ensure zero breaching as we follow the latest norms with respect to security. Moreover, we never share your crucial details to any third party without your permission. Though we too are bound to share some of your details to our shipping partners so that you get your order on time. This restricts them to follow specific regulations and so your data is never taken advantage of.

We collect the IP address via cookies. If you do browser settings and explicitly block the cookies then we will not be able to collect your Internet Protocol. This restricts both ways. First, there would be limitations like you won't be able to buy anything, and secondly, we would be obstructed from personalizing the account exclusively to show your products of interest. Under no circumstance, we are ever be able to gather your identity unless you provide yourself.

Our standard method of communication is via email address which is majorly used to send important information like e-receipt, tracking URL after dispatch, newsletters, special offers, etc. This is not shared across any third party for commercial purposes. Our users are free to unsubscribe if they wish to stop any further emails they find of no use.

Kindly contact us for more queries or assistance. Following is our official mailing address: